Usually this phrase is given not to the valve assembly of the engine, or to the injection system, let alone to the suspension. These words make mention only and exclusively for the body of your vehicle. They can be separated from the chassis of the car , they can be part of a unique structure (known as monoblock). It can be made of steel, aluminum or even carbon fiber (which increases your safety and reduces your weight). In addition, there are bodies of the most varied types and formats, according to the taste of the customer. Check below for an explanation of each type of bodywork and do not miss out on buying your new car!

Compact Hatchback

They are usually the entry models in the Brazilian market, because they are simpler and cheaper than the others. They can come in the version of 2 or 4 doors, an integrated trunk and most have a bi-fuel motor. They usually have the rear shorter than the others, making their trunk smaller. The best-selling Hatch Compact models in Brazil, according to the Fenabrave index, are the Ford Fiesta , Toyota Etios, Honda Fit , Citroën C3 , Fiat Punto , Peugeot 208 and Renault Sandero .

Model Medium and Sport Hatchback

Larger than the compact hatchback, the average hatchback usually also has a more powerful engine than the standard 1.0 of the entry models. Its finish is usually more detailed and have more items of series like compact car cover, which makes its market value is higher. The sports models also have better performance and speed. The best-selling Medium Hatch in Brazil are the Ford Focus , Volkswagen Golf, Chevrolet Cruze Hatch, Fiat Bravo and the Peugeot 308.

Model Sedan

Car sedan model

It is the model that most people associate with modern cars. They usually have more interior space than Hatchback models, with two rows of front seats and a rear space that accommodates three adults. Unlike the hatch, the luggage compartment is external to the passenger compartment (ie its lid is not integrated with the rear window). The typical sedan is also known as three-volume, because it is composed of 3 distinct and clearly distinct compartments (engine compartment, passenger compartment and luggage compartment). The most popular models are the Chevrolet Prisma, Ford Siena , Hyundai HB20s , Ford Ka Sedan and Volkswagen Voyage. There is also the two-and-a-half body model (known as notchback or fastback). This model has a sedan body in which the ceiling “goes down” to the trunk, without the cover including the rear window. This model provides aerodynamic advantages, making the car faster and with lower fuel consumption. The best-known models are the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Astra and Fiat Stilo.

Coupe Model

Car coupe model

Usually the coupe (or coupe) is a car model with fixed roof for 2 occupants – with variations for 4 occupants) and that has 2 doors. Usually they are lower cars, with smaller internal space and greater speed, gathering good aerodynamics with high performance. The most common models are the Kia Cerato and the Hyundai Veloster.

Model Minivan / Monovolume (MPV)

Car model Minivan / minivan

This category includes large internal space and comfort, large windows and modular seats, which can be lowered and used to extend the cargo space, for example. It has more similar external features with ordinary strollers. The best-selling models in Brazil in 2014 were Chevrolet Spin, Fiat Doblo and Citroën C3 Picasso (for the first half of 2015, no consolidated data have yet been published). To quote the insurance of the Citroen C3 and calculate how these carriage characteristics affect the value of the premium, use the auto insurance simulator . Model with larger dimensions than minivans, generally destined to the transport of more passengers and with greater use of internal space. The van can also be used as a commercial utility, with special destination for transport / delivery of cargo.
Usually they are the models with larger internal space, great for large families or for those who need a lot of internal space for luggage. They are basically sedans with cabin stretched out over the trunk, whose lid is wrapped by the rear window. It is the type of body with more varied designations, such as Weekend, Avant, Break, Station Wagon, Touring, etc … Top selling models in Brazil are Fiat Palio Weekend, Volkswagen Spacefox, Volkswagen Golf Variant and Audi A4 Avant. Popularly known as pickup trucks, the pick-ups were created as work vehicles, with cargo transport in open compartment. Usually it is usually a model more adopted by younger and sports people, since they combine the factor of load along with a greater robustness of motor. It may have a two- or four-seat cabin and a large bucket at the rear. Designed to face rough terrain and difficult access. It usually has a short body, sturdy engine and four wheel drive, making the vehicle common for off road use. The best-selling models in Brazil are Troller T4, Suzuki Jimny, Jeep Wrangler and Agrale Marruá (used by the Brazilian Army).

Model Sports Utility (SUV)

SUV car model

This model is like a wagon structured from a pick-up. It has a tall, sturdy body and usually comes with a four wheel drive option. Usually they are big cars, sophisticated and with market price quite high. They perform well in both cities and off-road terrain.

About Tampa Airport, TPA, United States

Beautiful parks, museums, restaurants, breweries are some of the benefits for anyone planning to visit Tampa, Florida. Besides having a strong tendency towards musical culture, the locality offers a wide range of tourist activities and alternatives for all kinds of interests. Its attractions range from shopping malls and outlet centers such as International Plaza and Bay Street, outdoor walks and nature-related theme parks such as Busch Gardens and Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Craft breweries with beer tasting visitation also can be part of your travel itinerary to the region. The tourist will arrive to the city through the Tampa International Airport (TPA), and is welcomed by an excellent infrastructure, with comfort and conveniences available in its many restaurants, shops of various articles, massage rooms and art exhibitions promoted by the local . To ensure that your stay and journey are a unique, enjoyable and safe experience, research, find the best prices and book with, your chance to find the ideal vehicle for your needs and take advantage of everything Tampa has to offer. Florida have to offer. The Tata Nano, which had the title “cheapest car in the world” , is apparently out of line in India . There, the Nano only had the essentials for a car to move. On the other hand, it cost the equivalent of only R $ 13,000. Very different from cars for sale in Brazil. It is quite true that we are well ahead of India in emissions and safety standards. Even so, vehicle prices in our market are higher. The G1 listed the 10 cheapest models in July 2018. The list is clearly divided into two platoons. In the first one, three subcompact vehicles, with 1.0 engine, few equipment of series and prices between R $ 27,5 thousand and R $ 32,5 thousand. In the next block, the other vehicles, all above R $ 42 thousand. This shows that the country is devoid of car options in the range of $ 35 thousand to $ 40 thousand, previously occupied by the entry versions of compact cars. See below the most popular models currently on sale.

Price: R $ 27,290

Engine: 3 cylinder, 1.0, 75 hp

Main standard items: electric windows, radio with USB input and on-board computer

The subcompact produced in Jacareí (São Paulo) remains firm as the country’s cheapest new car, despite Caoa Chery’s assault on SUVs. To have the QQ more in mind, the customer will have to give up comfort items such as power steering and air conditioning.

Renault Kwid Life

Renault Kwid wants to rescue the concept of ‘popular’ car – Photo: Divulgação Renault Kwid wants to rescue the concept of ‘popular’ car – Photo: Divulgação

Renault Kwid wants to rescue the concept of ‘popular’ car – Photo: Divulgação

Price: R $ 32,490

Engine: 3 cylinder, 1.0, 70 hp

Main standard parts: side airbags, Isofix mounting, rear defroster

Since its launch almost a year ago, the entry Kwid has been $ 2,500 more expensive. Now it is found for $ 32,490.

For this amount, Kwid offers little in addition to what is required. The highlight is for side airbags. In addition, there is no steering assistance, glass or electric locks. To have items such as air conditioning and electric steering, the customer will have to choose the intermediate version, Zen. It leaves for $ 37,490 – a figure that would still keep Kwid among the 10 cheapest.

Fiat Mobi Easy

Price: R $ 32,590

Engine: 4 cylinder, 1.0, 75 hp

Main standard items: hubcaps, brake light, rear head restraints, split rear seat and glass trunk lid

The Mobi gained a foothold in the Brazilian market as the Fiat car entrance. In line 2019, it even managed to reduce R $ 2 thousand in price. However, the customer needs to make concessions. Its engine is the old 1.0 Fire. To have the new 1.0-cylinder 3, Firefly, is currently only offered on the intermediate Drive, for $ 43,590. In addition, this cheaper hatch option suffers from the short list of standard items: it has no air conditioning or power steering nor as optional items.

Fiat Uno Attractive

Price: R $ 42,990

Engine: 4 cylinder, 1.0, 75 hp

Main standard items: air conditioning, power steering, power windows and locks
A month ago, Uno won the 2019 line with little reason to celebrate. The hatch lost equipment and went back to adopting an old engine, the 1.0 Fire of 4 cylinders. In this interval, it still had the price readjusted in R $ 3 thousand.

Mobi, its biggest advantage is the most generous internal space. It also has power steering and air conditioning.
The Prisma came in 2006 as a popular sedan derived from Celta, using the same platform and features very similar to the compact.It was released gradually by Chevrolet, which used the same marketing strategy as the launch of the Vectra, releasing the vehicle’s name first, followed by some conceptual drawings and sketches, after the final strokes, motor, and finally the photos of disclosure.With this, the American manufacturer managed to arouse the curiosity of the national market, which had few options of popular sedans, around the Prisma.The first generation was manufactured between 2006 and 2009 and had an 1.4l EconoFlex engine that developed 89 hp with gasoline and 97 hp with alcohol.Although the engine model itself has not been changed, in 2009 technology upgrades and the EconoFlex compression ratio allowed the Prisma to gain more power when fueled with gasoline, reaching up to 95 hp with that fuel, but without changing the performance with ethanol in the tank.The second generation, launched in 2010, increased the size of the Prisma, making it more stable and improving drivability.The change came from Chevrolet’s Global Small Vehicle Platform (GSV), shared with Onix, Cobalt, Sonic, and Spin.In addition to the size and design changes that made the sedan look more beautiful and bold, new engines and the inclusion of the option for automatic transmission put the Prisma in a higher comfort level.In addition, the new structure also offered more security to the vehicle, which received a larger number of options, according to the possibilities and wishes of the buyer.

The second generation of the Prisma is 4.2 m long, with a 2.5 m wheelbase and measures 2 m wide (including external rear view mirrors) by 1.5 m in height.Up to 500 liters of luggage can fit in the trunk and the fuel tank holds 54 liters of ethanol or gasoline.Among the possibilities of motorization are the 1.0l SPE / 4 – which delivers up to 80 hp in ethanol and 78 hp with gasoline – and 1.4l SPE / 4 – with power of 106 hp fueled by alcohol and 98 hp with gasoline.The acronym refers to the changes in the four cylinders of the engine, which now have sequential injection with independent ignition and individual coils.Both engines are transverse and located in front of the vehicle and feature multi-point MPFI electronic injection.The transmission is manual with 5 speeds as standard or, as an option, you can install a 6-speed automatic transmission CVT.The automatic transmission available on the Prisma is the GF6, more modern than found in models like Cobalt, Spin and Cruze.In terms of safety, the Prisma has ABS brakes, engine immobilizer, anti-theft alarm and dual airbag as standard in all versions.Regarding comfort, the height adjustment of the driver’s seat, head restraints on the front seats, parking sensor and key knife type are the main highlights, although each version has more equipment.

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